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All-New Custom-Panel Refrigerators and Freezers

Discover stainless steel and custom-panel refrigerators and freezers that reflect what you love, whether it’s delighting dinner party guests with exotic ingredients, inviting friends over to sample rare vintage wines, or storing home-grown fruits and vegetables. The newly redesigned Freedom® Refrigeration Collection offers a wealth of personalization options—explore every possibility with our configurator.

Customize Your Columns

Refrigeration Configuration Daily Chef

The Daily Chef

Not sure where to start? All Thermador refrigerators come with a standard setup designed to fit a wide range of uses.

Refrigeration Configuration Farmer's Market Enthusiast

Farmer's Market Enthusiast

Stock up on locally grown ingredients with the ideal setup for fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and keep your produce crisp all week long.

Refrigeration Configuration Farmer's The Preservationist

The Preservationist

The perfect setup for homemade jams, jellies, and pickled vegetables. Keep your creations fresh with plenty of door shelf space for finished jars.

Refrigeration Gallery Kitchen 1
Refrigeration Gallery Kitchen 2
Refrigeration Gallery Kitchen 3

23.5” Replacement Column

This 23.5” integrated column refrigerator pairs with our 18” or 24” freezer column to fill a pre existing 42” or 48” space, and create a side by side built in refrigerator and freezer.

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Feature Highlights

Discover innovative features that help you make every culinary endeavor exceptional.

Refrigeration Open Door Assist

Open Door Assist

New Thermador Auto Door Opening technology allows you to either push or pull to open the refrigerator door, adding a personalized touch.

Refrigeration Delicate Produce Bins

Delicate Produce Bins

Avoid bruised apples and sodden herbs. Protect your fresh-from-the-garden fruits and vegetables with removable and luxuriously soft-close Delicate Produce Bins.

Refrigeration TFT Display

TFT Display

A touch-screen TFT display panel controls settings throughout the refrigeration unit, including individual temperature control, lighting and Open Door Assist.

Refrigeration ThermaFresh System


Controlled independently, the ThermaFresh System provides humidity control and precise temperature management where you need it most.