Induction Cooktops

thermador induction cooktops overhead shot with food and dutch oven

Induction Cooktops That Put You In Complete Control

More cooking options. More flexibility. More exceptional. Thermador offers the most innovative induction cooktop collection in the industry, leading the way with three distinct product lines: Heritage, Liberty and Freedom. With Thermador induction, you have the power to prepare for anything, from intimate dinners to grand parties—all you need to add is ambition.

Induction Cooktops

Explore the possibilities of induction cooking with three innovative collections.

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Ventilation Pairing

Discover sleek ventilation options that perfectly pair with your induction stovetops.

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Thermador induction cooktops liberty vegetables in pan and blue dutch oven

Designed for the Love of Cooking

Preferred by professional chefs around the world, induction cooking offers ultra-fast heating and unbeatable precision for even the most challenging of recipes. And Thermador induction cooktops offer more means of control, movement, and personalization than any others on the luxury market.

Thermador induction cooktops liberty water boiling

More Than Meets the Eye

Thermador induction stovetops combine incomparable performance with beautifully integrated design. Choose from 30” or 36” sizes in a variety of glass colors with or without frames, and customize your kitchen with a sleek, modern look.

Feature Highlights

Discover how exclusive Thermador innovation complements your cooking style.