Oct 06 2009

Thermador Brings Sensor Dome™ Infrared Sensor Technology and the Industry's Most Powerful Heating Element to Induction Cooktops

(New York, NY – October 6, 2009) – Thermador's landmark Sensor Dome™ cooking technology, introduced last year on the brand's electric cooktops, leads a parade of industry-first, high performance features on its new line of induction cooktops.

"Thermador Induction is the turbo-charged, luxury sports car of the cooktop category," said Zach Elkin, Director, Luxury Division (Builders, Contractors, and Designers Group), Thermador. "With a bold new design, two Sensor Dome heating elements, and the industry's first induction triple zone element that expands to a record-breaking 13-inch diameter – this cooktop has everything the demanding home chefs need to take their skills to a whole new level."

Since cooking is such a delicate art, high performance is as much about precision as it is power. Thermador Induction can fry with the industry's most powerful heating element, or simmer precisely for long periods of time. Thermador's patented Sensor Dome technology brings the pan to the perfect temperature and utilizes infrared sensor technology to monitor the temperature inside the pan, cycling on and off to maintain the precise temperature. Sensor Dome allows Thermador Induction to simmer without scorching, boil without boiling over, and deep fry without burning.

Thermador Induction cooktops featuring the brand's exclusive Sensor Dome are now available with a MSRP range of $2,749 to $4,399.


A 4,600 W element is the most powerful element in the industry.

The industry's first 13-inch diameter element provides 40% more space than a comparable 11-inch element.

The industry's first and only triple-zone heating element expands to fit multiple pan sizes.

PowerBoost™ devotes power to a specific induction zone to quickly reach the highest setting possible. PowerBoost brings a pot of water to boil in record time.

17 power levels allow for precise control of element settings.


Sensor Dome™ is a unique retractable sensor dial that emits an infrared beam to continuously measure heat from the cookware. The Sensor Dome beam reads the heat from the side of enamel-coated cookware. Additionally, Sensor Dome is compatible with non-enamel coated cookware by applying one of the included dishwasher-safe sensor strips.

Nine pre-programmed CookSmart® temperature modes work in conjunction with Sensor Dome to perfectly prepare a variety of common recipes, including rice, pasta, potatoes and vegetables, as well as assist with deep frying. CookSmart frees up kitchen space by eliminating the need for separate, bulky rice cookers and deep fryers.

Individual Countdown Timers: Thermador's new induction cooktops feature separate timers for each element that can be used to automatically shut off the element's power when the clock reaches zero. This frees the chef to cook up to 5 separate dishes simultaneously without fear of over-cooking.


The entire line of induction cooktops features the edgy, chiseled design to match the Thermador family of kitchen appliances.

A dramatic silver mirrored model joins sleek, classic black as a color option.

Sensor Dome retractable dials and the control panel feature soothing blue illumination.


Anti-overflow system sounds an alarm and shuts off the unit if liquids boil over.

Automatic stop system turns off the elements if they are left on for a long period.

Residual heat indicator warns if an element may is warm to the touch.

Anti-overheating sensor shuts the unit off if the surface reaches more than 572° Fahrenheit.

Child lock prevents unintended use.

Cookware detection system alerts if no pan on an active element or if the pan not made of suitable material.

An alarm switches the cooktop off if a metal utensil (or any metal object that isn't a pan) is accidentally placed on the cooking surface.

About Thermador Thermador is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a fully-owned subsidiary of Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group, the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world. For more than 75 years, Thermador has been empowering America's cooking enthusiasts with revolutionary products – from the world's first wall ovens to gas cooktops with the patented Star® Burner and a speedcooking oven that reduces cooking time by 50%. Today, Thermador continues to fuse state-of-the-art cooking functionality with classic American style to create the ultimate in powerful luxury kitchen appliances. For more information, please visit or call 800.656.9226 to request a catalog. Thermador®, Star® Burner, SensorDome™ and PowerBoost™ are trademarks of BSH Home Appliances Corporation; all rights reserved.