Freezer Columns

    Filtered Ice or Ice Water Anytime

    Our FreeFlow Ice System—a Thermador exclusive—keeps ice cubes from freezing together, providing a constant flow of available ice. The ice cubes are formed from filtered water, just like the cold water. And with our pull-down pitcher holder flap, you can fill virtually any size container quickly and easily.

    Room for Shrimp, or Turkeys

    Our Freedom® Freezer Column’s lower freezer drawer accommodates larger items and allows you to better organize your food storage.

    Precise Temperature Control at Perfect Humidity

    Each column features its own compressor and evaporator giving you precise temperature control at ideal humidity levels. When columns are installed side-by-side, Freedom Refrigeration gives you everything you get from a dual compressor / dual evaporator system.

    Flush-Mount Freezer Column Easily

    All Freedom® Collections columns feature custom-designed, heavy-duty hinges that can open a full 115 degrees—25 degrees past right angle. This allows columns to be flush-mounted with full accessibility. Our hinges can support virtually any custom wood panel safely and securely.

    Tall Items, No Problem

    Our adjustable door shelves allow you flexibility in food storage, so you can easily store extra-tall items.

    Always Cold, and Always Ready

    Our Rapid Water Replenishment System uses cold air from the freezer directed by a special fan to replace the cold water in the dispenser. Water chills twice as fast as in conventional refrigerators, so under normal use you’ll never be without cold, delicious water.

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For the ultimate flexibility, our Freedom® Collection refrigeration and wine column doors and handles are sold separately. Please contact your local dealer for more details.