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    Warming Drawers – Convection

    Warm Evenly, Quickly

    Convection Warming allows you to effortlessly warm large stacks of plates, keep freshly prepared food warm, and even dehydrate food such as apples or berries.

    Ceramic Surface

    Our exclusive 600-watt warming surface has dozens of conductive heating paths, ensuring quick and even heating. Because it is so easy to clean, you can place food directly on the surface.

    Designed to Be Easy to Use

    With its ball-bearing Telescopic Rails that support 55 lbs of full platters or warm plates, and its open sides for easy access, we consider it the most well-thought-out warming drawer available.

    Touch Control

    With its digital display and easy controls, you get both knowledge and power, including 4 heat settings, electronic timer, hot-surface indicator, and automatic shutoff.

    Custom Panel Installation–Easy

    Because the drawer and the door are separate units, it’s easy to match the door to existing cabinetry. And just as easy for your installer to flush-mount for a seamless appearance.

    Warming Drawers – Traditional [Non-Convection]

    Easy Access with Open Sides

    Open sides make it easier and more convenient to remove stacks of plates or large platters of food. When it’s time to serve, after most of the work is done, “easy and convenient” really matters.

    Ceramic Heating Surface

    Our Exclusive-to-Thermador 600-watt heating surface features numerous conducting paths, ensuring quick and even heating. It’s easy to clean too.
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