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    Built-In Microwave

    We’ve Mastered Convection for Microwave Ovens

    Circulating hot air ensures more even heating and faster cooking times. Everyone knows that. But we won an award for putting it in a microwave oven.  Not available on all models.

    No Calculators or Conversions Needed with Smart Sensor

    Food temperature sensors tell the oven when it’s done—cooking or reheating—so there’s no need for guesswork, double-checking or babysitting.

    Quick Defrost

    Just enter the weight of the roast, bird or fish, and defrosting will be taken care of gently and automatically.

    Keep Warm

    This gentle microwave cycling function will keep foods warm for up to 30 minutes.

    10 Power Levels and Quick Minute

    Each Thermador Microwave Oven can be programmed with 10 different power levels. Plus, you get our handy Quick Minute function, which lets you set or add time by 1-minute increments. Good for that popcorn that hasn’t even started to pop yet.

    The Ultimate Kitchen Makeover, Microwave Oven Edition

    Our Masterpiece or Professional Life Door conceals your microwave when not in use, and matches everything else Thermador in your kitchen.
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