Oct 06 2009

Thermador Makes it Easier to Enjoy Freedom Refrigeration with the "Framed and Pre-assembled" Collection

Two Distinct Freedom Collections Offer the Ultimate in Design Flexibility

(New York, NY – October 6, 2009) – It's even easier for designers, builders, dealers and consumers to enjoy the total Freedom to place separate and multiple fresh food refrigeration and freezer columns just about anywhere in the kitchen with Thermador's new Freedom "Framed and Pre-assembled" Collection.

The new Freedom "Framed and Pre-assembled" Collection makes it simple to specify, order and install built-in modular refrigeration by offering a collection of five new models. Each unit comes pre-assembled with edgy stainless steel panels and professional handles, set off by a gorgeous stainless steel frame, all in one box with one SKU. As a result, the Freedom "Framed and Pre-assembled" Collection cuts installation time by up to half.

"Thermador's Freedom Collection set a new standard for the home appliance industry with its ingenious column concept," said Zach Elkin, Director, Luxury Division (Builders, Contractors, Designers Group), Thermador. "Today, Thermador has identified the most popular configurations and made it easy to incorporate Freedom into a kitchen’s design by offering everything designers and builders need to install in a single box and easy-to-order SKU."

The Freedom "Fully Flush" Collection continues to offer design flexibility to achieve a Truly Flush Mounted™ installation that seamlessly integrates into any kitchen design.

The Freedom "Framed and Pre-assembled" and "Fully Flush" Collections offer designers and builders two unique modular refrigeration solutions to meet the design needs of their clients. Both Freedom Collections deliver an unrivalled assortment of exclusive features including:


The most popular Freedom Collection combinations are now available in the easy-to-order and easy-to-install "Framed and Pre-assembled" SKUs

36" French door; 18" freezer with 24" refrigerator; 18" freezer with ice/water dispenser with 30" refrigerator; side-by-side 42" freezer with 48" refrigerator; and side-by-side 42" freezer with ice/water dispenser and 48" refrigerator

The heavy-duty Freedom® Hinge allows full accessibility to the interior by opening up to an amazing 115 degrees.

The Luminous Light System™ features bright halogen light towers and spotlights that fully illuminate foods, so everything can be clearly seen while creating a beautiful interior look.


Each Freedom column has its own compressor and evaporator to eliminate odor transfer and air exchange between the refrigerator and freezer.


The fresh food column's FreeFlow™ Air System results in superior temperature regulation and air distribution that helps keep foods "market fresh" for longer. Cool air continually travels the length of the column door, ensuring that these items are just as cold as those on the interior shelves.

The freezer's FreeFlow™ Ice System regularly rotates the filtered ice inside the icemaker to avoid clumping.

The UltraClarity™ Water Filter dispenses crystal clear fresh ice and water.

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