Thermador Star Newsletter. Issue #14: The Building Blocks of Growth
  • Building a New Trade Partnership
  • A Range for the Seasoned Home Cook
Building a New Trade Partnership

Thermador takes another leap into the trade arena with its 2010 sponsorship of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 20 Clubs Program. While it's the luxury appliance brand's first involvement in the program, Thermador is by no means a rookie in this field - bringing its 75-year history of iconic innovation to the NAHB (kitchen) table.

As a new sponsor, Thermador joins such names as Lowe's, Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and Lutron in an ongoing discussion about the homebuilding industry. Sponsors, builders and remodelers from non-competing markets will share their wisdom and learn from each other ways to improve their operations and increase their bottom lines. Members will share and compare financial information, look for trouble spots and offer each other advice on how to increase their profit ratios and improve their performance.

"We are thrilled to be a sponsor of this program, and know we can contribute valuable information gleaned from our 75-plus years of experience serving builders," explained Zach Elkin, director of Thermador's luxury division. "We're very proud of our commitment to the trade industry, but we're always looking for ways to enhance our builder relationships – and this new alliance helps us accomplish this."
A Range for the Seasoned Home Cook

Thermador's 48-inch Pro Harmony All-Gas Range is the home cooking enthusiast's prime choice. With a 24-inch depth, it fits right in with standard cabinetry. With 177,000 total BTUs, it has commercial-grade power. And with the ExtraLow® simmer system, it counters its power with a graceful finesse that allows simmering without scorching - the perfect solution for warming delicate sauces or melting chocolate.

But while you probably already know about the above features, here are tidbits you might not have heard:
  • The Pro Harmony is equipped the newly raised pedestal Star® Burner, which incorporates the flame distribution of the original Star Burner, but allows for easy cleanup with its Quick Clean Base™.
  • The range oven features an expansive 5.0-cubic-foot capacity to accommodate even the largest holiday meals.
The Pro Harmony is designed for those with a passion for cooking, encompassing classic American design, performance, quality materials and craftsmanship in one appliance.

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