1092 Oak, Greenspire Properties LLC

1092 Oak, Greenspire Properties LLC

“1092 Oak is the first LEED® registered residential project in Winnetka, IL. For our LEED certification, we needed a range of appliances having an ENERGY STAR® certification. All of the Thermador kitchen and Bosch laundry appliances met that requirement. In addition, we wanted to have a luxurious finish to our built-in microwave and appliance center. The Thermador MBES helped us achieve that look.

"We believe that Thermador appliances are designed to fit well with our kitchen designs. They have the styling and features demanded by our discriminating homeowners. The appliances have been very reliable. For these reasons, we always specify Thermador and Bosch appliances in our homes, as we have for over 10 years.”

— John D. Dragic, President



Builder: Greenspire Properties LLC
Architect: Mandy Brown Architects PC
Project: 1092 Oak
Location: Winnetka, IL
Brand: Thermador/Bosch