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For home chefs and culinary enthusiasts, the Thermador kitchen is a place of inspiration, creativity and exploration. The sleek, integrated designs of the Thermador signature gas cooktops and gas stove tops are beautiful, functional and efficient.

Thermador delivers the most powerful 30-inch gas cooktop in the luxury market. The 30-inch, 5-burner gas cooktop with our exclusive, patented Star® Burners delivers sophisticated style and outstanding cooking performance. Star® Burners deliver more heat where it counts — on the pan. Talk about making the most of limited space.

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Gas Cooktops & Stoves
Gas Cooktops & Stoves Gas Cooktops & Stoves

Thermador Gas Cooktops offer more
flame distribution than round burners

Patented Star Burner

The Patented Star® BurnerThe Star® Burner’s unique shape creates a perimeter 56% longer than a typical round burner of the same size. More flame ports deliver a superior flame spread and reduced center cold spot. Faster and more even heating across any size pan enables superior precision and control. Sear meats, simmer delicate sauces and slowly melt chocolate at the same time. The new Star® Burner’s raised pedestal design makes clean-up effortless.

Superior GAS stove top performance

Thermador Gas Cooktops and Stove Tops deliver sophisticated style and outstanding cooking performance. Thermador offers
a variety of 30-inch and 36-inch models to choose from, each featuring the patented Star® Burner.

Gas Cooktops & Stoves


The powerful sealed Star® Burner delivers an industry-leading 18,000 BTU of pure cooking power for better searing and faster boiling with your Thermador gas cooktop.

Gas Cooktops & Stoves


This feature provides the widest variety of temperature control of any simmer system available, cycling the burner on and off to as low as 100 degrees. Perfect for melting chocolate or heating delicate sauces.

Gas Cooktops & Stoves


With chiseled edges and a trapezoid control panel, sophisticated Masterpiece® Series gas cooktops were designed to integrate perfectly with the full suite of Masterpiece® Series kitchen appliances. The Masterpiece® Collection is a modern interpretation of classic American style.

Gas Cooktops & Stoves


The impressive 30-inch gas cooktop, featuring 5 burners (including a center-mounted power burner) and 52,000 BTU of overall heat output, provides the functionality of a 36-inch cooktop in a compact kitchen environment.

Gas Cooktops & Stoves


The Masterpiece® Series’ signature metal knobs feature blue progressive illumination that adjusts to indicate the burner setting.

Gas Cooktops & Stoves


Thermador Gas Cooktops are Star-K certified and can be used as a Sabbath Mode.

Awards & Recognition

Thermador home appliances consistently win the industry’s most prestigious awards for design, engineering and performance.
Here are a few of the accolades won by Thermador gas cooktops and gas stove tops:

Good Design Awards

The World's Most Prestigious Global Awards for New Product Design and Graphics.

Presented by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

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Good Design Awards

Ranked #1

The Thermador Masterpiece® Series Gas Cooktop was ranked #1 Gas Cooktop by a leading consumer publication.

Rank #1 Award

Design Journal ADEX Awards

Gold Award Thermador Masterpiece® Series Gas Cooktop

Design Journal Adex Awards
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