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  1. Cleaning and care instructions for your gas cooktop [Article]
    We recommend wiping away spills on a timely basis so that spills do not become hardened and difficult to remove. The entire cooktop can be safely cleaned when it is cooled down by wiping with a

  2. Installing an oven below the gas cooktop [Article]
    Any Thermador oven can be installed below any Thermador cooktop (gas, electric, or induction*). The following standards are required for installation: Countertop height of 36”

  3. Do you need ventilation over the cooktop or range? [Article]
    Yes, all ranges, rangetops and cooktops need ventilation.

  4. Can I use the downdraft with a cooktop or rangetop? [Article]

  5. A gas smell is coming from my cooktop [Article]
    The burner knobs may not be completely turned off. Turn the knobs to the “off” position. If the smell does not go away after doing this, turn the main gas supply off and

  6. It is hard to ignite the gas rings – burners are not igniting or there is a cons... [Article]
    The burner cap that covers the igniter may have become slightly displaced, thus making it difficult to ignite the gas rings. Check that all burner caps are properly placed. Th

  7. Igniters spark even though knobs are in the off position [Article]
    When an electrical power connection has been activated at the first power up or reconnected after an outage, the igniters may spark once or twice even though all burner knobs are in the off p

  8. Gas flames are too high or are uneven [Article]
    The burner caps may not be installed properly or may have been moved. Make sure the burner caps are properly positioned. The regulator supplied with the unit may not be instal

  9. My gas burners have the automatic re-ignition feature. Occasionally one burner w... [Article]
    The burner cap is out of alignment. Adjust the cap so that the tab fits into the notch in the burner base.

  10. The food sometimes cooks unevenly - the pan gets hotter in one section than anot... [Article]
    The base of the pan may be warped or the pan has not been placed over the center of the burner.

  11. Why would I need ExtraLow®? [Article]
    To keep a consistent or low simmer, which prevents your food from burning or scorching.

  12. My grates are getting shiny. What is causing this? [Article]
    This is caused by using inexpensive, non-coated, aluminum pans on the grates. The texture of the grates can remove bright, shiny aluminum from the pan because the pan is non-coated. The shiny alumin

  13. What are the BTU levels on your cooktops? [Article]
    The BTU levels vary depending on the model. Thermador's Professional® Series of ranges and rangetops have a higher amount of BTUs than Thermador Masterpiece® Series gas cooktops.

  14. What is the Star™ Burner? [Article]
    It is a 3-in-1 burner that is exclusive to Thermador and features high performance, 5-point design and ExtraLow® burner capability. The Re-engineered Star™ Burner provides unsurpassed flam

  15. Can I replace my old model with a new model? [Article]
    Depending on the cut-out dimensions of your new appliances vs. your old appliances, it may be possible. Please see the Product Specifications for your desired model.

  16. I ordered the wood block accessory cover for the griddle. How do I protect it fr... [Article]
    Protect the wood from harboring soil and bacteria by applying mineral oil to the surface. Use small amounts of oil and repeat until the surface does not allow soils to penetrate. Do not use any othe