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  1. Cleaning & care instructions for your gas range’s exterior [Article]
    We recommend wiping away spills on a timely basis so that spills do not become hardened and difficult to remove. The entire cooktop can be safely cleaned when it is cooled down by wiping with a

  2. Cleaning & care instructions for your dual-fuel range’s exterior [Article]
    We recommend wiping away spills on a timely basis so that spills do not become hardened and difficult to remove. The entire cooktop can be safely cleaned when it is cooled down by wiping with a

  3. Can I order a Natural Gas or LP Gas range? [Article]
    Yes. All gas ranges are factory Natural Gas or LP (Liquid Propane). Dual-fuel ranges are factory Natural Gas. An LP Conversion Kit can be ordered separately.

  4. Does your Professional range come in any colors? [Article]
    No, it is only available in stainless steel.

  5. Do I need to install the anti-tip bracket? [Article]
    The anti-tip bracket is not needed for 48” Harmony units. However, the anti-tip bracket is needed for all other Thermador units. You may be held legally responsible if the anti-tip bra

  6. Do you need ventilation over the cooktop or range? [Article]
    Yes, all ranges, rangetops and cooktops need ventilation.

  7. Can I put a downdraft ventilator behind your Professional range? [Article]
    No. We strongly recommend a Professional Series hood with all Professional ranges.

  8. Oven light is not working properly [Article]
    Replace or reinsert the light bulb if loose or defective. Use gloves or a small wash cloth when handling the light bulb because touching it with your fingers may deposit oils on it and thus cause it

  9. Oven light doesn’t turn off. [Article]
    Check for any obstructions in and around the oven door. Check to see if the hinge is bent.

  10. What are gliding racks for? [Article]
    Gliding/telescopic racks extend out fully with ball bearing rack guides – rack does not tip over when fully extended. This allows people to safely handle heavy dishes without the risk of tippi

  11. Should I leave the oven door open while broiling? [Article]
    No, this is not necessary. All modern ovens require that the oven door be closed while broiling. This reduces the amount of heat in the kitchen.

  12. My baked goods are not coming out as intended. They are overdone or underdone [Article]
    This may be due to an error in the baking technique (human error) or the oven may not be performing optimally. Performing the Biscuit/Cookie Bake Test will let you know if the cause is human

  13. How will I know when a 20-lb. turkey is done inside and safe to serve? [Article]
    Use a portable meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. It is safe to serve when it reads 165 degrees in the stuffing or 175 degrees in the turkey thigh. Remove the turkey from the oven a

  14. Warm air or steam is coming out of the oven vent [Article]
    This is normal. Do not block the vent.

  15. Is it normal to see smoke coming out of the ovens the first time the ovens are b... [Article]
    Yes, ovens have factory oils and that will burn off. Rid oils faster by putting the oven on bake for 15 more minutes or by wiping oven with hot sudsy water before use.

  16. What pans are preferred to use for baking cookies? [Article]
    Shiny, aluminum cookie sheets with a single lip are preferred.

  17. When is it necessary to preheat the oven? [Article]
    Preheat for delicate foods that have short baking times, such as cookies, cakes, and muffins. These types of foods need more precision timing for good results. Conversely, roasts and casseroles do n

  18. What rack positions do I use when I'm baking on 3 racks in the convection m... [Article]
    The rack positions that you would use when baking 3 racks in the convection mode would be racks 1,2 and 4.

  19. How can I get the best results from convection cooking? [Article]
    Use low-sided, metal pans so that the heat can reach as much of the food's surface as possible.

  20. What is convection? [Article]
    An oven that has a fan, which constantly recirculates the heated air has "Convection" mode. This moving air strips away the natural thermal barriers that surround food and allows the heat to start c

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