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  1. Cleaning and care instructions for your oven [Article]
    We recommend cleaning the oven exterior and interior when it becomes unsightly. Wipe away spills on a timely basis so that spills do not become hardened and difficult to remove. How t

  2. What can I use to clean the spots that remain inside the oven on the window afte... [Article]
    Use hot, soapy water on a non-abrasive sponge. Squeeze most of the water out before wiping. Rinse the glass and dry.

  3. Can I use oven cleaner in my self-cleaning oven? [Article]
    No, we do not recommend using chemical cleaners in self-cleaning ovens. The porcelain surface is smooth and chemical cleaners may cause surface damage.

  4. Can I use oven cleaner in an oven that does not self-clean (such as the PRO-HARM... [Article]
    No. We do not recommend oven cleaners because they can remain on the oven porcelain after being wiped off and can emit odors during cooking. Acidic foods (such as citrus juices, tomato

  5. Oven is not self-cleaning properly [Article]
    Allow the oven to cool before running the self-clean feature. Always wipe away loose soils/debris or heavy spills before running self-clean. Remove the racks and all other accessories before self-cl

  6. Can I self-clean two wall ovens at the same time? [Article]
    No. Please refer to your Use & Care Guide to learn how to self-clean your ovens.

  7. If I want to quickly wipe out light oven soil, what is the best cleaner to use? [Article]
    Hot, soapy water on a paper towel. Rinse thoroughly and dry with soft cloth.

  8. Do your ovens vent to the outside? [Article]
    No, they are internally vented.

  9. Oven light is not working properly. [Article]
    Replace or reinsert the light bulb if loose or defective. Use gloves or a small wash cloth when handling the light bulb because touching it with your fingers may deposit oils on it and thus cause it

  10. Oven light doesn’t turn off [Article]
    Check for any obstructions in and around the oven door. Remove any obstructions that you find.

  11. Oven smokes when grilling [Article]
    When fatty foods are cooked in the oven (e.g. roasts), a certain amount of fat will be deposited onto the grill element. The next time that the grill is turned on this fat will burn off with an acri

  12. Fan runs continuously [Article]
    All our ovens have a ventilator fan, which keeps the oven housing cool. The ventilator fan will continue to run (even after the oven has been turned off) until the oven has cooled sufficiently. This

  13. Oven is not operating [Article]
    Oven may not be plugged in. Check to see if it is plugged in. Check to see if you are experiencing a power failure. The power supply to the oven may have been interrupted. If the di

  14. My oven is having problems with the temperature [Article]
    Does the oven display show error codes E115/E215 or E101/E/201? If yes, please

  15. My baked goods are not coming out as intended. They are overdone or underdone [Article]
    This may be due to an error in the baking technique (human error) or the oven may not be performing optimally. Performing the Biscuit/Cookie Bake Test will let you know if the cause is human

  16. Oven has accidentally locked, even after cooling [Article]
    Turn the oven off at the circuit breaker and wait five minutes. Turn the circuit breaker back on and the oven should reset itself and be operable.

  17. I have a new, electric double oven. When both ovens are on, the second oven will... [Article]
    The amperage for the oven's circuit may not be correct. Check the data plate for the correct number of amps required and be sure the amps are the same on the house circuit. If you can’t find t

  18. How will I know when a 20-lb. turkey is done inside and safe to serve? [Article]
    Use a portable meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. It is safe to serve when it reads 165 degrees in the stuffing or 175 degrees in the turkey thigh. Remove the turkey from the oven a

  19. Should I leave the oven door open while broiling? [Article]
    No, this is not necessary. All modern ovens require that the oven door be closed while broiling. This reduces the amount of heat in the kitchen.

  20. What pans are preferred to use for baking cookies? [Article]
    Shiny, aluminum cookie sheets with a single lip are preferred.

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