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  1. Cleaning and care instructions for your microwave [Article]
    Before cleaning: Unplug the microwave. If the outlet is inaccessible, leave the microwave door open while cleaning. Make sure all parts are cool before cleaning. To clean the

  2. When the microwave is cooking, the ceramic tray makes noises [Article]
    The roller ring and the interior bottom of the microwave may be dirty. Clean the roller ring and the microwave according to cleaning & care instructions in the CLEANING & CARE SECTION.

  3. Microwave has an odor and generates smoke when using the Bake function [Article]
    Fat and grease that has built up on the interior ceiling and walls of the microwave may begin to smoke if not cleaned. It is essential that your microwave is wiped regularly, particularly after cook

  4. Steam accumulates on the microwave door and warm air comes from the vents [Article]
    Steam sometimes condenses on the microwave’s cooler surfaces, such as the door. This is normal and the microwave should be wiped dry with a soft cloth should this occur. During cooking, steam

  5. Microwave causes interference with my TV [Article]
    Some radio and TV interference might occur when you use the microwave. This interference is similar to the interference caused by small appliances, such as mixers, vacuums, blow dryers, etc. It does

  6. Microwave will not start cooking [Article]
    The door may not be closed completely. Shut it completely. The Start button may not have been pressed. Press the Start button. Another program may have been entered into t

  7. Microwave will not turn on [Article]
    Your power cord may not be plugged in. Check it and plug in the power cord if necessary. You may be experiencing a power outage. Power may not be flowing to the socket. Ch