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Cleaning and care instructions for your induction cooktop

We  recommend wiping away spills on a timely basis so that spills do not become hardened and therefore difficult to remove. Wipe off spatters with a clean, damp sponge, cloth or paper towel. White vinegar may be used if smudges remain.


View the Ultimate Product Performance Videos on the Thermador YouTube Channel to learn how to clean glass cooktops and how to clean stainless steel.


Warning: Do not use any cleaning agent on the glass while the surface is hot. The resulting fumes may be hazardous to your health and result in death or injury. A blade scraper may be used while the cooktop surface is hot.

To clean the glass ceramic area of the cooktop:
Apply a small amount of glass ceramic cooktop cleaning cream to a soft, clean cloth. Wipe this on the cooktop surface (which has cooled down) and then buff with a clean, dry towel. You may use any appropriate glass ceramic cooktop cleaning cream.


To clean stainless steel: Clean stainless steel areas by using mild, soapy water with a soft cloth. Wipe in the direction of the stainless steel grain when washing and drying. Rinse with water and wipe dry to avoid water marks. Do not use cleaning agents that are abrasive or contain chlorine since both are corrosive to stainless steel. For added shine, apply stainless steel conditioner and wipe off excess with a soft cloth. Do not apply stainless steel conditioners or cleaners to control labels or markings. Warning: Some stainless steel cleaners are known to have negative effects on materials other than stainless steel. Make sure to apply stainless steel cleaners to stainless steel components only! The Thermador stainless steel conditioner is available for purchase in the Thermador eShop (part number 00576697). View the Ultimate Product Performance Videos on the Thermador YouTube Channel to learn how to clean stainless steel.


To clean hard water spots: Minerals in some water can be transferred onto the cooktop surface and cause stains. Apply undiluted white vinegar  with a soft, clean cloth. Then, recondition with glass ceramic cooktop cleaning cream as noted above.

Cleaners to always avoid:
Cleaners that contain ammonia or chlorine bleach, caustic cleaners (such as Easy Off®), abrasive cleaners, dishwashing agents, metal scouring pads, scrub sponges, soap-filled scouring pads, powdery cleaners, and flammable cleaners. These products may damage, scratch, and dull your cooktop.


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