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What is condensation drying?

All Thermador dishwashers use the condensation drying process to dry items in the dishwasher. Condensation drying does not utilize a heating element at the bottom of a dishwasher. Instead, it involves a number of dishwashing elements that result in an energy efficient, high-quality drying process:

  • The final rinse uses water that has been heated to a very high temperature.
  • This makes the dishware very hot when the rinse cycle ends.
  • The stainless steel tub of the dishwasher cools faster than the dishware because stainless steel typically cools faster than dishware materials (such as glass and porcelain).
  • Moist air is released from the hot dishware when this  moist air comes into contact with the cooler stainless steel tub and turns into water droplets (condensation). These water droplets trickle down to the bottom of the dishwasher and are drained in the next wash.
  • Dishware and cups become dry during this condensation process. Plastics tend to have more difficulty drying because plastic does not heat up to a high temperature during the final rinse like glass/porcelain does.

 The use of rinse agents, such as Jet Dry®, aids the condensation drying process by reducing the surface tension of water, thus encouraging water to run off dishware effortlessly. We have extensive experience with Jet Dry® and Jet Dry® Turbo Dry® and highly recommend either product to help create an optimal drying experience that reduces the chance of spots and other leftover residue. Approximately 3.5 drops of rinse agent is dispensed during each wash cycle. Use Jet Dry® for your regular drying needs. Use Turbo Dry® if you are drying a lot of plastic in the dishwasher or if you are already using a detergent with a rinse aid included in it and it’s still not drying adequately.

FINISH® Jet Dry® and Turbo Dry® can be purchased in the Thermador eShop:  Jet Dry® (part number 00575400) and Turbo Dry® (part number 00575401).

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