Excellent performance, precise control and a sleek elegant profile are just a few of the benefits of Thermador's electric cooktops. Our 13-inch element is the industry’s largest and most powerful electric round element, and our CookSmart® system offers nine pre-programmed settings to effortlessly cook a wide range of foods. With a variety of new state-of-the-art features, Masterpiece® Series Electric Cooktops allow you to elevate your cooking to levels never imagined.


Superior Electric Cooktop Performance

With the largest cooktop element on the market, CookSmart®, and a dual element bridge, you can take your cooking to new levels. Our electric stovetop is available with mechanical or touch controls in a variety of configurations to fit your cooking style.

Largest Electric Cooktop Element On The Market

This large element is the widest and most powerful round electric element on the market, with 4,000 watts of power for faster heat-up and three zones to efficiently heat a variety of pot sizes, such as a 16" skillet.

Bridge Element

Why is it called the bridge element? It connects two electric stove top elements. You know that large oblong pan in the back of the cupboard? The one you'd like to use for that pan-roasted peppers recipe you're dying to try? Our exclusive dual zone bridge element will heat your oblong pan evenly, enabling you to cook many items all at the same time.


Whether you are cooking pasta, vegetables or rice, our CookSmart® technology has 9 pre-programmed cooking modes and 4 distinct temperature levels for the ultimate in convenience. Cooking modes include: pasta, potatoes, rice, dumplings, vegetables, sausages, milk, rice pudding and deep frying.

Touch Control

The striking control panel on our Masterpiece® Series Cooktops give you convenient access to 17 power settings, a keep warm option, a fast preheat option, a timer, 9 cooking programs and a panel lock function.

Triple Element

Our electric stove tops include dual elements and the new triple element which offer the capability to efficiently customize even heat for pots and pans of varying size.

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