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Over 40 Years of Professional Service... How can Drimmers, a family run appliance business, survive and thrive while big chains are dropping like flies? Especially in this economy? The answer is "family": The Drimmer family and the thousands of New York families we've been treating like family for over four decades. At Drimmers we have New York's most comprehensive display of major home appliances. We carry all the major domestic and imported brands for the kitchen and home laundry. And we make sure to have the very best there is at every price point and to suit every decor - basic, traditional, elegant and contemporary. In other words, we have exactly what you're looking for at a price you're not likely to find anywhere else. What's more, at Drimmers it makes no difference to us whether you're buying a stove for a starter home, or built-ins for a state-of-the-art custom kitchen for Park Avenue. We offer each customer the same courtesy, time, attention and expertise regardless of their budget. Because we know one thing - today's first time buyer is often tomorrow's success story. In a family business like ours, there's no such thing as cutting corners. We do our own buying, and do it very well. So you get the most value for your dollar. And because home appliances are in our blood our sales people can give you get real answers and expert information. Plus, when you need customer service you get customer service - quality customer service in real time. We invite you to visit our Brooklyn or Manhattan showrooms where the future of appliances flourish in an atmosphere of old-fashioned family service and genuine value, and where local delivery is always free. We'll give you the time of day even if you're just browsing. (If all you want is a price we'll gladly quote one over the phone.) And we're happy to share what we know, even if you're planning to check out our competition. Because, at the end of the day, we really don't have any competition. Maybe that's why New York Magazine says we're "The best place to buy kitchen appliances."

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