Sole Rolls with Basil and Salmon Stuffing

Sole Rolls with Basil and Salmon Stuffing

Skip the ordinary and try this unique take on fish.  Serve it for your next dinner party.

Serves 4

½ cup cream
5 oz salmon fillet or trout fillet
½ bunch of basil
Salt and white pepper

8 sole fillets, 1⅓ lb
Scant ½ cup dry white wine
Butter for greasing the dish

⅔ cup cream
1 tsp butter
Salt and pepper

1. To make the stuffing, reduce the cream by half. Set a few basil leaves aside for the garnish. Purée the remaining leaves with the salmon fillet and cream to as smooth a consistency as possible. Season with salt and pepper and chill.
2. Spread out the sole fillets and salt lightly. Spread each fillet with the basil stuffing then roll them up. Secure with a toothpick.
3. Grease and lightly salt the baking pan. Place the fish rolls inside and pour over the wine.
4. Slide in the baking pan at level 2 and steam at 175° F for 12-14 minutes.
5. Meanwhile, reduce the cream for the sauce by half. After steaming, remove the fillets and add the fish broth to the cream. Season with butter, salt and pepper. Arrange the sole rolls with the sauce and serve immediately.

Cook’s tip:  Serve with rice, boiled potatoes, fennel or salad.

Thermador Recipe - Sole Rolls with Basil and Salmon Stuffing