• 1300 CFM Remote Blower VTR1330E

    Model: VTR1330E

    Complete your Thermador kitchen with accessory.
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    • Can be mounted on the exterior of the home to minimize noise in the cooking area
    • Can be roof-mounted or mounted on an exterior wall, depending on appearance preferences or to best suit the ducting application
    • Must order Roof Plate (RFPLT1000) when using a 1000CFM or 1300CFM remote blower in a roof-mount application
    • Always refer to installation manual for detailed instructions
  • Roof mounting plate for VTR1030D Roof mounting plate for VTR1030D
    Model: RFPLT1000
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    Technical Specifications
    Frequency (Hz) 60
    Approval certificates CSA, UL
    Plug type 120V-3 prong
    Net weight (lbs) 44
    Gross weight (lbs) 49
    Motor location Integrated motor in hood body
    Diameter of air duct (in) top 10
    Discharge direction downward
    Product Features
    Operating mode Ducted
    Optional accessories EXTNCB25, RFPLT1000
  • Limited warranty, entire appliance, parts and labor (2 years)*

    *Two-year warranty is only valid on products purchased after 1/1/2012

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