From the Director’s Desk

No. 1 Kitchen2

Thermador Kitchen: A Winning Combination

We can only brag so much about our products, so this will make things a bit easier: a leading independent testing agency has all but granted Thermador as having the No. 1 kitchen package in the industry.

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2012: It Was The Year of Thermador

With the most product launches in the history of Thermador (and the luxury appliance category), 2012 came to be known as the Year of Thermador. So where do we go from here?

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Freedom Inductiont

Thermador Thanksgiving

As we near the end of a huge product debut year for Thermador we reflect on how thankful we are to have had such a meaningful impact on the luxury kitchen in 2012.

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Thermador kitchen of the future banner

From the Director’s Desk: Preview of the Ultimate Culinary Kitchen

Not even Marty McFly could have predicted this kitchen of the future. As we start making plans for 2012 and beyond, I can’t help but get excited thinking about all of our new Thermador innovations in the pipeline. Our product designers and engineers have been diligently working away at some of the most technologically advanced kitchen appliances in the industry.

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Thermador-Mstr Kit Gas Cook-227

From the Director’s Desk: Brand Interaction On-demand

Have you ever searched for a last-minute recipe on the Internet, but couldn’t quite make it come together in time for your dinner party? Or Thanksgiving dinner? Or worse yet, your March Madness party? The Thermador Web Experience is your answer. It’s brand interaction, on demand.

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Design Council Banner

From the Director’s Desk: Introducing the Thermador Design Council

In another first for our brand and in an initiative to remain at the forefront of kitchen-design trends, late last month we invited 14 of the top kitchen and home designers in the country to the inaugural Thermador Design Council. Held at our Thermador Gallery & Training Center in Scottsdale, Ariz., the two-day event provided a forum for discussion on the current state of the kitchen, and what the future holds for it.

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From the Director's Desk Square

From the Director’s Desk: Steamin’ Into 2011

Happy belated New Year, everyone! And wow, what a year it should be. As we officially close the books on 2010, I couldn’t be more excited to hit the ground running on what is shaping up to be a landmark season. I can sum up this year for you in one word: Steam. As you’ll recall, late last year we introduced the revolutionary Thermador Steam & Convection Oven, which garnered a 2011 CES Innovations Award last month and was the talk of the appliance town. Well, we’re carrying that full head of steam into this year.

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Thermador Virtual Dinner banner

From the Director’s Desk: Thermador Virtual Dinner Unveiled

Fire up the Thermador Star Burners, break out your best dinnerware, uncork that bottle of wine you’ve been saving….And boot up your laptop. Welcome to Thermador’s virtual dinner party, or, officially known as the Thermador Web Experience. Today marks the formal launch of what is not only a unique immersive cooking and product demonstration website, but the first site of its kind among major appliance brands.

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