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Star Burner

The Highs and Lows of the Star® Burner

In 1998 Thermador changed the shape of gas cooking forever with the introduction of the innovative Star® Burner. The switch from traditional, circular gas burners to the patented Star® Burner provided a dramatic change that now allows for the most even flame and heat distribution of any cooktop or range on the market. The unique […]

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The Thermador 30” Pro Rangetop & 30” Five-Burner Pro Harmony® Range Are Now Available!

For nearly 100 years, Thermador has been making the American kitchen more beautiful, luxurious and powerful with our innovative appliances designed for real cooks. Today we are proud to share that our newest addition to the Thermador line is now available: the 30” Five-Burner Pro Rangetop and 30” Five-Burner Pro Harmony® Range. The new range […]

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New Thermador Professional Grill Brings Outdoor Grilling Inside

With winter snow and cold in full swing, preparing a juicy, grilled steak, scallops or vegetables may seem just a dream. Not anymore! Thermador is proud to announce that a new Professional Grill surface cooking feature, which complements the Pro Rangetop, Pro Harmony® and Pro Grand® Ranges, is available to culinary enthusiasts who are ready […]

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Our New Trimless Freedom® Induction Cooktop Is Here!

Today, Thermador is proud to offer a new sleek design variant for our innovative Freedom® Induction Cooktop. The new trimless Freedom® Induction Cooktop features a sleek, solid black surface that allows it to virtually disappear into the countertop for ultimate integration into kitchen designs. Like the current version of the cooktop, which features a stainless steel […]

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Thermador Unveils New Surface Cooking Innovation at Design & Construction Week

Today we are so excited to announce our new Thermador surface cooking innovation for 2014: the Professional Grill and the Trimless Freedom® Induction Cooktop. Attendees at Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas, Feb. 4-6, are enjoying a sneak peek of these new products at our booth, #C3837. But, for those who aren’t able to […]

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Induction Banner

Induction vs. Gas: Which is Best?

Induction cooking is perhaps the most revolutionary advancement in cooking technology in the last 30 years. And it’s also one of the most foreign technologies to American home cooks. So what is induction cooking? And how is induction different or better than cooking with gas? Simply put, induction is turbo-charged cooking.

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steam oven

Steam Your Way to Better Health

Thermador’s Ali Cafferty, who decided to start a new healthy regimen in September 2009, couldn’t be more excited about the new steam oven in her house. But it’s not just healthy eating and cooking — her routine takes exercise, dedication and more. And now her husband’s sold.

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